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Web design and software engineering.

We develop projects in multiple areas including:

Company Management - ERP, CRM, Groupware ,...
Science - Calculation and Applied Statistics ,...
Data Management - Datamining, Datawarehouse, BD Architecture ,...
Security - Encryption, Digital Signatures, Firewalls ,...
Entertainment - Games, Gambling.
Web design - eCommerce, Shopping On-Line, Digital Dialogue, corporate presence, catalogs.
Education - eLearning Software Child, Guides, Tutorials.
Operating Systems - Remote management, configuration, auditing ,...

Work methodology

K2ingenieros uses a proven process-oriented methodological framework. Through it, we get all participants in the project work as a team towards a common goal, ensuring implemented according to timelines and estimated costs.

It is structured in four phases:

• Power requirements and analysis.

• Creation of a prototype (model).

• Final development.

• Testing.

Project Management and Quality Control

Once the application has been developed and tested successfully, we carry a beta test and pass through a final stage of quality control prior to customer acceptance. Then the complete software is delivered to the internal quality team for further testing, for functionality and efficency.

Custom development: the best response time at the best price.

• E-commerce, content management tools (CMS) and Web Services, SEO (Search Enginye Optimization), etc..

• Internet Software Development

• Development of business applications, integration, customer relationship and sales force management (CRM), etc.

• emerging technology platforms (Wireless Applications. NET, and Linux and Windows Solutions + Apache + MySQL + PHP + Java + ASP ...)

• Networking.

• Strategic Consulting

• Collection of field data and opinion.

• Data Mining

• Analyzing Text

• Collaboration tools and knowledge management

• Intranets and distribution of content (CMS)