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Founded in 1997, with 14 years experience, we are pleased to have consolidated market as the best choice to carry out projects in the field of Technology Information. To do this, we use the latest technology, innovating and providing satisfaction, as well as great value to our customers.

Value for your company

By working with our clients we design and build technology solutions that provide value with an excellent return on investment. Our solutions are practical, easy to use, functional, focused mainly in the following areas.

• E-commerce, content management tools (CMS) and Web Services, SEO, etc..

• Internet Software Development

• Development of business applications, integration, customer relationship and sales force management (CRM), etc.

• Emerging technology platforms (Wireless Applications. NET, and Linux and Windows Solutions + Apache + MySQL + PHP + Java + ASP ...)

• Networking.

• Strategic Consulting

• Collection of field data and opinion.

• Data Mining

• Analyzing Text

• Collaboration tools and knowledge management

• Intranets and distribution of content (CMS)

• Search Engine Optimization, SEO.